May 8, 2012

Chit Chat

Hello! How have you all been?

I've been up to all kinds of things this week when I haven't been working or sewing for my shop. I wish I had some new cute patchworky things to show you, but you all have seen everything I have been sewing a zillion times!
So I thought I would share some gorgeous flowers that I found at Trader Joe's.
And the new "buffet" that I finally got for my dining room. I have wanted one forever and can hardly wait to decorate it for Halloween and Christmas!
I also painted my old "vintage" cabinet in my kitchen. The last time I painted it, I chose what I thought was red. But it ended up being orange for the past 5 years :).  I like the white as it brightens up all the wood in the kitchen. And I really love the way it looks with my red and white (and blue) dishes.

Last, but not least
Have you seen The Avengers? It is a totally fun summer blockbuster movie. We saw it 3-D, funky glasses and all. And do you love the action hero cake pops? My son's girlfriend made these in honor of the movie. Cute and delicious!!


  1. Hi Debbie, I love your flowers and displayed on your new buffet! It will be so much fun to decorate with each holiday!. The vintage cabinet in the kitchen is really nice. Great that you can paint it and get all kinds of different feels just by changing the color. I'm really fond of white, it is so clean and then you can accent with any color. I think I want to see the Avengers after your positive review.
    Have a great week, xoRobin❤

  2. I love the white with the pops of color you have going. No, I haven't seen the Avengers but will be taking my mom to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie next week. Cute little cakes.

  3. The white furniture looks so crisp and pretty there. I know you'll have fun filling that new piece for the holidays.

  4. Hi...thank you for a glimpse into your home. I very much like your choice of white for your makes it stand out and those flowers are gorgeous your buffet a perfect setting.

    Amanda :-)
    A new follower....a Brit living in Spain

  5. Trader Joe's has the BEST flowers. I love the sunflowers in the white pitcher. Mmmm cake pops!

  6. Love the white paint on your cabnit, so fresh and happy looking.

  7. Love the buffet and the will be such fun arranging things on it for different holidays, the white will make everything work so well. Your flowers look so pretty there, and the cakes are amazing!
    Have a happy day, Debbie!
    Helen x

  8. Oh! Your house is so cute! :)
    Wish we had a Trader Joes up here.
    Thanks for showing us your beautiful cabinets and home. And flowers. And super cute cake pops. She did an awesome job!
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Gorgoeus flowers and I love your new buffet!
    Your vintage cabinet looks wonderful in white - great job!

    Gill xx


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