October 21, 2016

First Blush Blog Hop

Happy Friday!! Welcome to my stop on the First Blush Blog Hop!

I was excited to be invited to be a part of the blog hop and fell in love with my first glimpse of First Blush!  I received my bundle of fabric in the middle of summer and it was perfect timing. This adorable fabric just says summer and vintage!! The prints are so fun and bias GINGHAM!!!!! The colors just make my heart sing!

I have always wanted to make the Vintage quilt from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley, but decided that a baby quilt would be perfect. I did a little quilty math to change the size of the block and set out to work. The blocks are so fun to make and I love the way they show off the cute prints.  I used my go to wavy quilting and scrappy binding and "voila" instant vintage baby quilt!!!

First Blush makes a great addition to any fabric stash. It has the scrappy happy look that I love. I cannot wait to make more cute things with this fabric.

I hope my little quilt inspires you to make something adorable with First Blush
Here is more inspiration for you. These are all the other stops on this hop!!! 

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October 13- Windham/Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine
 October 14- Jennie at Clover and Violet
 October 15- Aurifil- Erin Sampson
 October 16- Tina Egner
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 October 18 – Allison Harris
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October 21 – Debbie at happy little cottage
 October 22 – Heidi Staples
October 23 – Leanne Elliott
 October 24- Greg Jones Grey Dogwood Studio
 October 25- Wendy Sheppard Ivory Spring
 October 26 – Stephanie Lynn Denton
 October 27 – Lisa Ruble

Ready for more fun???  On each stop of the hop, Windham Fabrics is giving away a First Blush fat quarter bundle PLUS a small thread box of First Blush from Aurifil!  To enter today's giveaway, leave me a comment with your favorite quilt pattern. Contest closes Thursday, October 27th and is open to all. Winners will be chosen randomly from comments posted on blog posts and will be announced Friday, October 28th.

Good luck and happy sewing!!!

September 29, 2016

Sweet Stars Sew Along

Hi!! I am the last stop on the Sweet Stars Sew Along and I am going to help you get the binding on your quilt!!

This Sweet Stars Quilt was designed by the amazing Peta from She Quilts A Lot. You can find a copy of the pattern in her shop and the Fat Quarter Shop has kits available if you want everything in one neat package!!

I decided to use four of the cute blocks from Peta's pattern and make a quick table topper for the holidays!

There are an abundance of binding tutorials online. And I mean a TON!  So I’m going to show you how I machine bind my quilts to look for an almost hand sewn look. This is the way I do it and I hope you may get a few tips and tricks that will help you. I am sure as you practice this technique, you will find ways that make it easier for YOU!

I bind all my quilted projects this way and over years of practice it has almost become second nature and pretty fast for me.  Hand stitched bindings are lovely, but when making items for sale, time is of the essence and I am confident that  my machine bound quilts can withstand lots of trips through the washer and drier and use from the recipients.

First you’ll need to square up the edges of your quilt.  I cut my binding strips 2.25″ x the width of the fabric and trim off the selvages.  To figure out how many strips you’ll need, add up the length in inches of all four sides of your quilt plus 20 inches.  Next divide that number by 42″ which is generally the width of the fabric. I usually cut an extra strip as I would rather have too much than run short.

Lay your fabric strips right sides together as shown, sew a diagonal seam from corner to corner, trim the corner, and repeat until all of the binding strips are sewn together into one long strip.  Then press that whole long strip in half, wrong sides together.

Using a walking foot, sew the binding onto the quilt FRONT first. Pin  the binding to a side of the quilt, matching the raw edges and leaving about a 10″ tail. I use Clover Wonder Clips instead of pins and it is so much easier!  Start sewing using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Keep sewing until you reach a corner, and stop stitching and back stitch 1/4″ before the corner/next side of the quilt…it’s important to get that 1/4″ of  space at the end!  Lift the binding strip up as shown making  a diagonal fold, then placel the binding strip back down creating a fold at the top and pin.   Start sewing down the next side.

When you get back to the beginning, stop sewing about 10″ from where you started, leaving a  tail. Fold the bindings to meet in the middle and finger press to leave a crease.  Open the strips, and match the crease marks and pin the strips right sides together.  Sew down the crease marks, trim after you've made sure it's sewn correctly, and press the seam.  Place the strip back on the quilt and finish sewing.

Next turn the quilt over and we’re going to stitch the binding down onto the BACK of the quilt.
Choose a place to start, and fold the binding strip over until it’s PAST the 1/4″ seam line and pin.  This part is super important!!!! If you don’t pull the binding edge past that seam line you will get stitches in your binding on the front and we want to avoid that at all costs!!I use my iron and press the binding away from the quilt and over to the front side. Then I use my wonder clips to hold everything in place.

Sew right along the edge of the binding on the back making sure you are sewing to the left of the seam line.  Just make sure that you have pulled the binding well past the seam line and stay really close to the edge as you stitch.

Keep sewing until you reach a corner, stop 6″ before the corner, fold the bottom edge up, then the side edge over creating a nice mitered corner and pin.  Sew to the corner, leave your needle down and turn to sew down the other side. 

Keep on sewing until you’re back at the start and you’re done! If you did it right your binding will look amazing!! All you will see is a nice straight line of stitches in the quilt, and it blends with your quilting.

Doesn't the binding look ALMOST handstitched from the front?? I hope you'll give this a try when you have a stack of projects to bind and a short amount of time!! It works well on mini quilts and pillows too!

Happy sewing!

September 12, 2016

Lovely Little Patchwork Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be a part of the Lovely Little Patchwork blog tour. I first "met" Kerri on Instagram while doing a fun swap! I have admired Kerri's amazing use of fabric and was so excited when one of her lovely pillows made it's way to my house. I was thrilled when I found out she was writing a book and sharing her wonderful style!

I was lucky and received a copy of the book way back in March, and I have had a chance to make a few cute projects from the book.

For the tour, I was definitely influenced by fall, and decided to make the cute Apple Tree project. It was so much fun going through all my red and pink scraps to make this fun tree. I made mine into a mini quilt and would love to see it framed! But for now, the stripey binding makes me happy!! These apples were perfect for a little fussy cutting fun!!

The book has 18 fun projects for you to choose from that include paper piecing, emnbroiery, applique and patchwork. There are pillows, mini quilts, aprons and more. You will love this book!

This is the first project I made back in March. I love the bunting on the sailboat and was the perfect project for Daysail!

Here is the list of lovely bloggers who are making super cute things to share!!

Sarah Edgar
Heidi Staples
Megan Jimenez
Cheri Lehnow
Ange Hamilton
Sedef Imer
Kimberly Jolly
Samantha Dorn
Ayda Algın
LeAnne Ballard
Sharon Burgess
Lauren Wright
Kate May
Debbie Homick
Wynn Tan
Kim Kruzich
Jennie Pickett
Veronica AM
Nadra Ridgeway
Amanda Woodruff
Minki Kim
Sharon Yeager
Peta Peace
Sarah Scott
Kristin Cobb
Erin Cox
Kerri Horsley

August 26, 2016

Summer Sewing

Hope you don't mind a little mindless conversation. Most of my blog posts lately have been for blog tours and promotions which is fun, but this post is just me rambling. :)

Summer is almost over. I still have a ton of things on my "want to do before summer ends" list.

1. Go to Farmers' Market for corn and tomatoes.
2. Go to the beach.
3. Go on a bike ride.

I have gone to the pool as much as possible. Went to the Summer Market. Went to an Indians game. Went to Soak City. Discovered yummy ice cream cones in the frozen section at Aldi.

And spent a lot of time sewing. In the air conditioning. Because it has been hot and humid. Like summer should be. It's nice not being on a school schedule as I can stretch summer all through the month of September, which is the BEST month in northeast Ohio.

I've joined a swap and a block exchange. Because I needed to remember how FUN sewing is and the connections that can be made from it. The quilting community on Instagram has so many amazing quilters who are so generous of their time. Organizing a swap is no small task!

I am super excited about the Dwell Swap. I made 20 identical houses over the summer (well, mostly during the Summer Olympics) and these are the full size houses. So that I will have an actual quilt when I receive all the blocks and stitch them together. I am already looking forward to finsihing this fun project. The blocks are due on 8/31 and I finished AHEAD of time!! Me, the queen of procrastination finished a whole week early!!! All of the swappers are sewing with Bonnie and Camille fabrics, and as I was stitching my polka dot Ohio Stars and aqua quirky houses, I realized how much I love Bonnie and Camille fabrics. Ruby is the fabric that started my love of quilting and their fabric never fails to inspire me. I think Little Ruby was perfect for this project!

I also joined a block exchange. Again all the blocks are made with Bonnie and Camille, and this is so fun and just for me! These are spring star blocks for my first exchange and I am officially addicted to making 12" blocks. Some successfully and

others not so much. I need to remember to read ALL the directions. Cutting with a dull rotary blade is another NO NO!! I didn't realize how much a dull blade can throw off the accuracy of your pieces!! Wow!! Making these blocks makes me remember why I love patchwork. For me it's all about color!!
I love this great granny block and want to make an entire quilt from these blocks. This one has at least one square from Bonnie and Camille fabrics starting with Bliss and ending with Little Ruby. Can't wait for Handmade to arrive!! These blocks will end up in one of my quilts. Not perfect enough to send to someone, but still lovely enough to use.

I love summer, but have to admit that I look forward to pumpkin spice everything. This is probably the 4th or 5th time that I've made this pumpkin block from Vintage Farmgirl. I am always amazed at how much orange I have in my scrap bins!! I'm still hopelessly head over heels with stitch 22.

If you've gotten this far, thank for stopping by and hope you're still enjoying the last bits of summer!!

August 22, 2016

Sew Illustrated Blog Tour

I remember the very first time I saw one of Minki's posts on IG. It was love at first sight and I had to see more of her work. I followed her feed right away, and then one day she posted a picture of a basket full of the cutest pincushions I had ever seen. I bravely sent her a message asking if she would want to trade one of her pincushions for one of mine. 
Much to my delight, she answered right away saying she would be happy to have one of my pincushions. Her little pincushion has place of honor on my sewing table and I look at it every day.

Through Minki I also got to "meet" Kristin who is one of the nicest ladies on Instagram!! Imagine my excitement when I found out they were writing a book all about Minki's sewing illustrations so that we could try it ourselves!! I was even more excited when they asked me to be a part of their blog tour! The book is absolute eye candy on each and every page, and it will be hard to decide where to start first!

I knew right away that I wanted to make a few of the pincushions to share with some of my sewing friends, as well as a cute mug rug!!

All of the projects in the book are fun to make and have step by step instructions to help you along the way. Before long you will find yourself wanting to make all the things!!

The projects are designed for machine stitching, but can easily be done by hand if that is your joy.

This was my favorite project!

I mean how cute are those tea cups??? I used a mix of linen and Hello Darling for all of my projects
and love the combination! I couldn't resist adding a bit of ric rac trim!!

The more you stitch, the better the results. Though I love Minki's philosophy that it doesn't have to be perfect. She recommends using an open toe foot so that you can easily see your stitching. I don't have one (yet) so my stitching isn't as nice as I would like.

The timing could not be more perfect because now you can stitch the cutest Christmas gifts ever!!

Here is a list of inspiration! So many talented ladies are sewing along, each with their own amazing style!!
August 15: C&T Publishing
August 16: Amy at nanaCompany
August 17: Wynn at zakkaArt
August 18: Sedef at Down Grapevine Lane
August 19: Lisa at A Spoonful of Sugar
August 20: Amy at chick chick sewing
August 21: Stacy at Stacy Olson
August 22: Debbie at happy little cottage
August 24: Faith at Sarana Ave
August 25: Ayda at  cafenohut
August 26: Melissa at Oh, how sweet
August 27: Jemima at Tied with a Ribbon
August 28: Veronica at Vivid Felicity
August 29: Sharon at Lilabelle Lane Creations
August 30: Nadra at ellis & higgs
August 31: Kristyne at pretty by hand
September 1: Elnora on Instagram
September 2: Jennie at Clover and Violet
September 3: Auribuzz
September 4: Minki at Minki’s Work Table and Kristin at They Grow Up Too Fast

Happy Sewing!!

August 2, 2016

Posy Garden Blog Tour

Hello there! I am super excited to be a part of the Posy Garden Blog Tour!! In case you don't know, Posy Garden is the latest fabric designed by the amazing Carina Gardner for Riley Blake Designs.

I've had the pleasure of sewing with this fabric for most of the summer, and there couldn't be a prettier fabric to sew with!

A million ideas went through my mind and I really wanted to make all the the things! But I knew for sure that I wanted to make a Sew Together Bag with this adorable fabric.

My favorite part of making Sew Together Bags is designing the exterior. The insides are always pretty much the same, but the exterior can be almost anything you would like. It's a fun way to play with patchwork on a small scale. I used 3" mini granny squares to start with, and added cute patchwork borders. I really love the navy blue as binding.

I also made a baby quilt using this pattern. I found out that a friend of mine is going to have a sweet baby granddaughter, and her daughter's favorite colors just happen to be all the colors of Posy Garden. Pinwheels on a crisp white background is possibly one of my most favorite quilt designs.

I added a 2.5" border all the way around and once again I used my favorite wavy quilting and am happy with the texture and feel of the quilt.

I used the navy blue dot as a binding on the quilt too! It keeps it from being too girly and little more modern. Just like the baby's mama!

There are lots of amazing bloggers making lots of cute things with Posy Garden! Here is the list so you can be inspired!!

Monday, August 1st: My Sewing Haven with Carla Peicheff
Tuesday, August 2nd Happy Little Cottage with Debbie Homick
Tuesday, August 2nd The Family Hearth with Bridgette McNay
Wednesday, August 3rd Fort Worth Fabric Studio with Lindsey Weight
Wednesday, August 3rd Happy Quilting Melissa with Melissa Corry
Thursday, August 4th Pretty By Hand with Kristyne Czepuryk
Thursday, August 4th Out of the Blue with Sondra Davison
Friday, August 5th Samelia’s Mom with Anorina Morris
Friday, August 5th Free Time Frolics with Adrienne Woods
Monday, August 8th Flamingo Toes with Bev McCullough
Monday, August 8th Silly Mama Quilts with Brooke Sellmann
Tuesday, August 9th Snickerdoodle Stew with Jessica Stewart
Tuesday, August 9th A Little Patchwork with Ange Hamilton
Wednesday, August 10th Ameroonie Designs with Amy Chappell
Thursday, August 11th One Little Pooh with Tina
Thursday, August 11th Jedi Craft Girl with Amanda Neiderhauser
Friday, August 12th Stitching Revival with Christine Cook

Happy sewing!!