February 4, 2012


I loved reading all the comments about what you do to beat the winter blues. I found it very interesting that all of us, whether we live in Russia or England or Ohio, use creativity to save our sanity when it is gray and bleak outside. I seems that color is key. We quilt, sew, embroider, knit and crochet. Some of us take glorious photos and create beautiful blogs. We also cozy up our nests by painting and restoring cool thrift store finds. We are CREATIVE

And now to the winner of the give away!

Dottie, you didn't leave me an email address, so please send a note with your address to happylittlecottage at yahoo dot com, so I can send your happy little pincushion on it's way!

Happy weekend!


  1. Dottie is one lucky gal to win. It's rather poetic that she'll receive one of your gorgeous pincushions, with polka dots!
    Enjoy your weekend, Debbie.

    1. I didn't even think of that, but looking at the picture it is obvious! And fleur means flower, and I really think that the pincushions look like cute little flowers!! ♥

  2. I am sure Dottie will love her gift!

  3. Lucky Dottie! Your pincushions are FAB!

  4. So very, very cute! You know how much I adore color!

  5. Yay Dottie. :0)
    Color makes such a difference doesn't it?
    I love snuggling under a quilt that I am
    hand stitching or a crochet blanket
    being crocheted. :0)

  6. I am so glad I found your blog I love all of your creations

  7. Beautiful pin cushions! Can't believe I missed the giveaway! Spending too little time online it seems :)

  8. Those pincushions are so darling!! Congratulations to the lucky winner!

  9. Hi, Debbie!

    I followed the link to your blog from your comment on Susan Branch's blog. Don't you just love her! I love your blog too. Your pin cushions are adorable. I am a knitter, so as soon as I saw the knitting and yarn in your banner I knew I was going to love your blog.

    Happy blogging!

  10. Yup.... I'm from the Pacific Northwest. We struggle with the gloomy weather here, for sure. But today? Soooo sunny and just beautiful. I'm in heaven.

    Love your blog name.... I had to come visit.


  11. Hi, I just saw that I won. What a wonderful end to the evening. You have made my day. I am sorry I didn't leave a link. You can find me at http://tadlafleur.blogspot.com/. I will write you an email at your address.

  12. I have just joined your lovely colourful blog.....love the little cushions....so sweet.....ciao Alison


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