June 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Stitching

This morning has been the perfect Saturday morning. I slept in just for a teensy bit, got up and made myself a  latte and headed to the craft room.

I finished cutting most of the squares for my synchronized squares quilt, and set to work sewing. This pattern is so much fun.  The mixing and matching of the squares is endlessly entertaining. Of course I always have to get ahead of myself and see how things will come together, so above you can see the initial large square, then the quarter square and then a completed block. This is turning out so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it!!

Hope you are all having as close to a perfect Saturday as possible!


  1. Fabulous, fresh crisp fabrics - your quilt already looks gorgeous!
    Helen x

  2. Checked out the link and I can now see that this actually is partly a "rug quilt", right? That is so adorable. And the way you make this quilt is so clever. Mos be incredibly quick to make. Like I said, I have to try this one out.


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