June 29, 2011

Americana Cottage

I did it. I finished my quilt top for the Synchronized Squares Quilt Along. And I ♥ it. Becky decided it should be called Americana Cottage and I could not agree more.  This is the second quilt top I have finished in a month, which boggles my mind. Happy Little Cottage has turned into a quilting blog during the month of June :).  I absolutely loved piecing this quilt!

I am still waiting for the darning foot and plate that I ordered for my sewing machine, so it is definitely going to take me awhile to actually finish both quilts.

Even the binding is adorable. I really love these fabrics.


  1. Your quilt top is really beautiful, Debbie and the name is perfect! I love the colours. It will be a lovely project for you to quilt too and I look forward to seeing it then. Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  2. Oh Debbie, that quilt top is so adorable!! Oh, and that name is soooo perfect!

  3. The quilt top is gorgeous. What a talented seamstress you are. I so want to have time again someday to make a quilt, but I'll never be as talented as you - thanks for sharing your lovely work with us!

  4. Oh I just love your quilt top!! You did a beautiful job. And what a charming final touch ... your binding is adorable!!! :o)
    Have a great weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. Ooohhh! I need to make one like that. Love love love...


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