June 8, 2011


I have spent the past few weeks dreaming about making a quilt, and the fabric that I am going to use arrived in the mail today. It is called Daydream. Perfect!

As much as I adore my beloved aqua, red and white color scheme, I am over the moon with these colors. Yummy blues, and corals, and chocolate brown and spring green! I am going to pair all of the color with white. I can hardly wait to get started.

This is the first time I have used precut fabric. I love the name of these precuts. Jelly Roll. ♥  I want to leave this on my sewing table for awhile so I can enjoy the adorableness!!

all photos courtesy of hard days knit (my sweet daughter)


  1. oh what pretty fabrics. :o)
    looking forward to seeing what you create with them.
    have a nice day.
    sincerely, Trish

  2. I don't know exactly what it is - but your blog is just a breath of fresh air to me! Love the prints!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics Debbie, I'm sure the quilt will be beautiful.

    I would love to attempt a quilt one day.

    lily x

  4. Those are gorgeous!
    I have a friend who has jelly rolls as decoration on her studio shelves. They're a work of art on their own!

  5. Daydream looks lovely, especially when sitting pretty as a jelly roll!


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