May 19, 2011

Rain Delay

These are the only things that are in bloom in my yard right now. My lilacs have come and gone, and I loved picking bunches of them to bring in the house. They smell divine! I was able to sneak outside to take a few pictures during the few minutes of sunshine we have experienced in northeast Ohio during the past few months. I have flats of flowers patiently waiting to be planted, and I can hardly wait to spend a day in the yard. I cannot wait for the "rain delay" to be over!
This the progress of my peony plants. They are usually spectacular over Memorial Day weekend, and I look forward to their blooms all winter long. BUT! What's with the ants? They are covered with them every year. I would love to bring some of the blooms indoors but that means that the ants come along with them. Are any of you peony experts? Is there anything I can do about the ants? Please help! :)


  1. Lovely to see your post today! How beautiful those flowers look - and how wonderfully green everything is too! I hope you have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  2. I came here from Posie Gets Cozy. You mentioned creating a things to do in Cleveland list. If it's still there, at the turn of the century my sister and her husband took us to a Polish(?)bakery somewhere in Cleveland where we enjoyed the tastiest Baklava I have ever had. Then we headed to the Rock n Roll Hall 0f Fame. Fabulous memories.

    I just read that the ants on the peonies are eating a sweet sap on the buds. I think (my memory is not real clear here) they may leave when the buds are open, but you can gently spray them off with water. When I could tolerate fragrances better I brought them inside all the time with no problems with the ants. Now I just step outside to smell the lilacs - heaven. And the Lily of the Valley - 0oooh! They sure do spread though. Enjoy the holiday.


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