March 18, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

In a change from my recent obsession with cupcake/cake related photos, look what I found in my backyard! The yard is a hot mess of leaves and debris, but seeing the first flowers of spring always makes me excited.

It was 65 degrees today, and it felt so wonderful. It was nice being outside wearing only a sweater.

I know I have a few months until I can plant anything outside, but I am looking forward to getting the yard cleaned up, and seeing what perennials are going to bloom again this spring.

It won't be long until I can wear my beloved flip flops. I am in the market for a new pair this year and would love to find a pair that is cute and comfortable. Any suggestions?


  1. That photo is so gorgeous! Happy Spring~ and good luck on your flip-flop hunt!


  2. I love your bright crochus photo - such beautiful colours. It's lovely to see the sunshine and think about wearing flip flops again!
    Helen x

  3. Debbie, I wear flip-flops year round here in southern California, but I can't wear the cheap flat kind because they give me trouble with plantar fasciitis. I absolutely swear by Reef (brand) Butter 2 (model) flip flops. I was able to find a pair for $10 at TJ Maxx last year, which is a fluke. They're typically more expensive. :) Around $40. But I get two years wear out of them, typically. They are super comfortable. Really! I have two other friends who swear by them, also. xxoo

  4. Hi Debbie, just came across your lovely blog, I love to wear flip flops in the summer too, there are some beautiful designs around these days.
    lily x

  5. I wear flip-flops the minute the sun shines! So comfy!

  6. Hope you will soon be enjoying your garden.

  7. Love the sweet little crocuses!!! So cute:)


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