September 15, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

As I was putting away some of my books after painting the craft room, I noticed that this stack of books represents so many of my favorite things.

My favorite decorating color scheme is red and white. To me it is everything cheerful and cozy and comforting.

Pottery Barn.

My favorite hobbies. Knitting, sewing, photography.

Domesticity. It's such a lovely word (and such a lovely book!)

Blogging (even though I am a new blogger, I have been reading blogs for a few years. That's a hobby, right?).

Two of my favorite bloggers. Alicia Paulson and Jane Brocket.

Weekends. Quilts.

Funny how a such a tiny corner of my house sums up my life and interests so well.


  1. What a lovely post - I love your red and white pictures. We seem to have a rather similar taste in books too!
    Helen x

  2. Your post is so fun. Red and white are something else together. I really enjoy your color scheme and your mason jar use! I have some of those same books. I love crafting books and cookbooks. Thanks for stopping by and 'chatting' the other day. Your blog is lovely! Peace, Angela

  3. Lovely pictures, red and white is such a good colour scheme.

  4. Can't get enough red n white! Any EngelBREIT happy colors actually... Love the color coordinated bookshelf. Makes me want to snuggle in and read n craft on this rainy evening. Instead I'm cooking, checking emails and watching my little ones dance like crazies round the kitchen... Soon to go check out your links too. Thanks for visitin my little coop. I have more pics to post soon to the 1/2 done post!

  5. I never realized you had so many red and white books! LOL :)


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