August 23, 2010

We Interrupt This Project

I am still working on the craft room/studio/guest room project. Lots more to come on that.

In the midst of that project, I decided I wanted to finish another one.
One that has been in the works for two years.

I started this quilt two summers ago.
Did all of the patchwork, made the quilt "sandwich", then started to machine quilt it.
My sewing machine does not like to sew multiple layers of fabric and batting.
Can we say the word "pucker"?
For some reason I carried on machine quilting,
instead of stopping and possibly hand tying the quilt.
Then I gave up.

A year later I pulled the quilt out, did a bit more machine quilting and
evened up the edges to bind it. I even made really cute binding.

Six months later I can't find the really cute binding. Buy packaged binding.

This past weekend I pulled out the quilt and attached
the boring store bought binding by machine.
And then I finished the binding by hand sewing because it looks so much better.
I threw it the washing machine and dryer to achieve even more puckers!
And guess what? Even with the puckers and boring store bought binding, it is adorable!
And I FINISHED the quilt. I FINISHED a project! Go me.

The quilt is going to be fabulous in the craft room/studio/guest bedroom.

I really want to start another one

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