August 24, 2010

End of Summer

I snapped photos of what is still growing in the backyard when I got home from work this evening. We were a bit late in getting our seeds planted this year,
and the sunflowers are finally in their full glory.
I will miss them when they are gone.
I will definitely plant them again next year, along with my adorable zinnias.

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over.
This morning I could hear a school bus making it's practice run before school starts tomorrow.
I miss buying school supplies for my kids.
I may have to go out and buy some new pens and notebooks just for me.


  1. It is a little sad to see summer ending isn't it? I pulled out my sunflowers today and gave the chickens the heads to peck. We've had such horrible heat and humidity, things are looking so puny!

  2. I buy pens and notebooks at the end of every summer, and have been doing so for 41 years. Before that, my parents bought them ;) I love zinnias, and just seeing yours here today brought great happiness to my February day. Can't wait for summer!



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