May 4, 2016

Weekend Inspiration - Cute Owl Project Bag

I know it's only Wednesday but I couldn't wait to share! Plus I have something fun to announce on Friday!!

It's time for more weekend inspiration and this week we are going to make a project bag using a cute quilt block.

This block is called the Cute Owl Block by Homespun Handmaiden. You can find the pattern for the block here. It's fun to put together and the pattern includes directions for both a 6" and 12" block. I am going to assume that you already have a favorite way to make a pouch. I'm giving you the sizes I used, and a few tips and tricks. I'll also give you a few links just in case you've never made a bag.

For the project bag we are going to use the 6" block. I'll wait while you make one. Go pick out some super cute fabric and have fun!! You can find lots of cute fabrics here. The only variation I made was to NOT attach the last bottom piece. My block ended up at 6.5" x 6" so my pattern is going to start with those dimensions.

Done with your cute block?? Let's get started on your bag. Here's what you will need:

(1) 6" Cute Owl Block
To complete block and bag front:
(2) 2" x 6" linen (side pieces)
(1) 4" x 9.25" gingham (bottom piece)
(1) 2.5" x 9.25" linen (top piece)

Bag Back Exterior:
(1) 9.25" x 8" linen
(1) 9.25" x 4" gingham
(1) 9.25" x 11.5" linen

Bag Lining
(2) 9.25 x 11.5" chevron stripe

You'll also need
(2) 9.25" x 11.5" batting or interfacing or both, depending on how structured you want your bag.

(1) 9" zipper
(1) 3/4" lanyard kit, or 3/4" D Ring and Split Ring
(1) 2.5" X 11" gingham

Attach your 2 side pieces to each side. Then attach your bottom and top pieces.
Stitch together your bag back pieces or use the solid linen.  Attach your interfacing/batting as desired. I used batting in my bag because I like how soft and sturdy it becomes.

Now we are ready to add the zipper. Here is a great  zipper tutorial and is how I do mine. Don't be afraid. It is easier than it looks.

Now we can stitch it all together. I love using my wonder clips to hold everything together. Make sure you leave a 2" to 3" opening in the lining so you can turn it inside out. Also remember to unzip the zipper halfway. Don't forget this step!! :) Also make sure that your outside seams are lined up. Using a generous 1/4" seam stitch all around the outside. Take care sewing over the zipper tape. You may want to stitch a few times over to make it secure.

Let's make boxed corners. You are going to line up the seams on each corner and measure 2" across. Sew directly on the mark you just made. Trim your seam 1/4". You will do this on each of the four corners of your bag.

Turn your bag right side out through the opening you left in your lining. Open the zipper all the way and make sure your corners are pushed out as far as possible. You can carefully trim your zipper tape to reduce some bulk. Once you're happy with how everything looks you can either hand or machine stitch the opening closed. The next step is probably the most important to a nicely finished bag. Press your bag, paying close attention to the top of the bag.

I added a cute zipper pull to my bag using a 3/4" lanyard kit. You can also use a small split ring and a 3/4" D-Ring. These can be found in the notions department of your local craft store.
Here's how to make the strap. Take your 2.5" x 11" fabric and fold each short side in 1/4" and press. Now fold in half wrong sides together and press. Open and fold each side in to the center fold and press. Top stitch closed and add top stitching to other side to make it extra cute. Attach to your D-Ring by slipping the ring onto the strap. Sew the ends together and then turn right side out. Slip the ring to the sewn end and sew closed. It's a bit fiddly, but I love the matching strap.

This bag is the perfect size to hold your latest sock knitting project, or cosmetics, or really almost anything.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments! Here is a link to a wonderful bag tutorial just in case. If you make one, please post it on Instagram #cuteowlprojectbag
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Really cute bag! Now I am thinking of a Halloween treat bag with this pattern and material! Perfect!

  2. This is so adorable! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  3. That is adorable!!! You are so sweet for sharing. : )

  4. Very nice inspiration. Thank you.

  5. This is super cute Debbie! The fabrics are just perfect. Thanks for writing up the instructions. Makes a great project bag (for that pretty knitting I spied in the pics).


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