March 3, 2013


I love getting fun things in the mail.

A mini Happy Go Lucky charm pack that came with my fabric order from Sina at Quilt Essentials. I cannot wait to make something cute with this!

Half Hexie Rulers from Lori Holt. I could not wait to order these after seeing them on her blog!

I decided to make a pillow for my first project. I had promised Becky a pillow from The Simple Life and she has been waiting for months for me to make one for her. I used the 5" ruler, and made a template for the smaller hexies.  This was a fun little project to put together, and I think a quilt is in the near future.

It is a snowy Sunday here. I made a batch of chocolate chip muffins, a pot of coffee and I am heading up to the sewing room to work on a few orders.  Hope you are having a relaxing day too!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful fabrics, and I love your cushion and the half hexies.

  2. Such a beautiful pillow! Your friend is very lucky. I somehow missed the rulers. I have to go check them out.

  3. What a lovely pillow - the children remind me of Holly Hobby illustrations from the 1970s x Jane

  4. Very cute pillow, Debbie! The chocolate chip muffins and pot of coffee sound great too :)
    Helen x

  5. Lovely pillow! Sewing, coffee and muffins sounds like a perfect day to me!!!

  6. I love the pillow.
    Spring colours.

  7. Such a darling pillow! :0)
    Your day sounds perfect.
    Trish xo

  8. I've had my eye on those rulers for a while now. Your pillow is just perfect!
    Got any muffins left?

  9. Love the sweet pillow!! Hexies are always so darling!! xo Heather

  10. That pillow is so cute - I would have loved that in my room when I was a girl. My whole room was decorated in Hollie Hobbie. Can never do enough crafting! <3

  11. Fun mail is the best - there's nothing like an interesting package amongst the bills to brighten up the start to the day!! I adore that bunting fabric, too cute! X

  12. Where can I purchase the Happy go lucky charm squares. I am madly in love with them? You make such amazing things.
    blessings to you.

  13. We absolutely love,love,love this! Having a great time browsing your blog.
    The Ladies at Crafton Abbey

  14. Such cute Moda fabric. I need to get busy making a quilt just for fun.


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