February 24, 2013

It's So Simple

I have been having fun these past few weeks working on a custom order all made with The Simple Life!

I love these prints. This bunting banner print is near and dear to my heart.
A pinwheel and prairie points quilt. (Tutorial by Jodi Nelson at Pleasant Home.)

A patchwork pillow. This fabric was so much fun to fussy cut.

I also made bunting banners, both large and small. A cathedral window mini pillow. A mini quilt to be used as a counter hot pad. I don't think I will ever tire of aqua and red.

I spent the afternoon getting everything packaged and ready to ship. It is always such a relief to finish a big order, and I have a stack of orders ready to be filled, but I am taking a break tonight so I can watch all the glitz and glamour in Hollywood!


  1. Job well done!!! Everything is so delightful... right down to the packaging! Put your feet up, rest your fingers, and enjoy tonight's Hollywood Hoopla!

    natalie jo

  2. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous! What a lovely order to work on. You inspire me, and your colours always cheer me up :) xxV

  3. These projects are so irresistible! I love the fabrics and color combinations...so pretty.

  4. It's very nice... I have never tried patchwork but I would love to do it some day, no to far :)

    Lluisa x

  5. Beautiful fabrics and what a nice combination! Love cathedral pincushion!

  6. It's so Beautiful ! Your work is always so inspiring, thanks for sharing it.
    Have a great week,

  7. What beautiful creations!!! Thanks for sharing

  8. Such pretty fabrics! Gorgeous makes! x

  9. Ooo! Such happy and delightful fabrics to work with! Great job! ♥

  10. I do love the gorgeous things you have made with the Simple Life fabrics, Debbie! They all look delightful!
    Helen x

  11. They are all so adorable! I especially love the little mini pillow,too cute!!

  12. All soo pretty! Love the colours, spring feeling too :-) Pam x

  13. I love love love your work and your blog!!
    Greetings from Iceland
    Berglind :)

  14. Beautiful work as usual Debbie. I'm sure your customers love to get your packages.
    Have a great week!

  15. Debbie: everything is so beautiful and perfect. I bought my rotary cutter, my cutting pad and all like you said, I am trying a 9 patch and when I sew them together I cannot get my squares to line up. I was very careful cutting them out, I even put a piece of tape down 1/4" from my needle so I could sew very straight, but they just won't line up right. Please help!!! What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much, Joy

    1. Thanks Joy! My first quilts were full of mistakes, and I still have seams that don't match. It really is matter of practice, perfect seams, cutting and matching seams while pinning. Make sure you are pressing your seams before pinning. That helps too! Good Luck!!


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