November 10, 2011


Things have been quiet at the Happy Little Cottage as far as crafting goes and so I have taken an unintended blog break. The only thing I have done is cut out some fabric in an attempt to start a red and white Christmas quilt.

Do you ever lose your crafting mojo? Or maybe we just get busy with other things and push crafting to the back burner? Whatever....I have been doing other fun things.

Halloween was a lot of fun! We had hundreds of trick or treaters and the weather was perfect. I also learned something new, that in all my years of pumpkin carving I never even thought of. Before lighting the candle in your jack o lantern, sprinkle some cinnamon in the lids. The aroma was divine. Kinda like a pumpkin pie baking. Make sure you try it next year :)

I also did an Ikea trip, though this time we went to the Ikea in Michigan. Ikea decorated for Christmas is so much fun. I loved the addition of Christmas trees to their room displays! I saved up my birthday money so that I could splurge on the Ikea trip. Everything we bought is for Christmas decorating, and I can hardly wait to start. By tradition, we wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start. I love waking up early, drinking coffee and eating left over pie and then starting to decorate!! And the best part is I can officially listen to Christmas music as much as I want. Not to say I am not listening on Pandora right now :)

When do you start decorating your homes for Christmas? 


  1. Your quilt is going to look so pretty. I love your choices of fabric esp that one on the top. I love the Christmas decorating as well. We usually start the day we go to our Christmas parade at the end of Nov, but this year it's not until the first week of Dec so we'll see if we can hold out until then. It's such an exciting time. Make sure you show us photos of your house.

    Sarah Red Gingham

  2. I love the red and white fabric and yes, I can totally identify with losing my mojo. Your day after Thanksgiving sounds alot like mine. Patty

  3. Have to try that pumpkin/cinnamon thingy. I'm a Christmas music lover too! I know it's already out there on the satellite channels, and I have to play it when there is no family around, otherwise I get the "look", and the eye roll thing. Can't wait till Thanksgiving so I can officially bust out with the tunes:)

  4. Definitely the day after Thanksgiving for the decorations. Why wait to have all those wonderful decorations out to look at.

    Love the red and white fabrics. Can't wait to see how it turns out. And don't feel bad about the crafty mojo. Mine leaves every once in a while also. It happens.

  5. Oh la la! How I love the red and white! I just can't get enough of it! I once read an article in a French magazine where the woman in the household had decorated EVERYTHING in red and white... The poor husband had his own room to sneak away to when he got overwhelmed of it... It was a bit to much I have to admit... Obsessive kinda. Well, that was a short story sneaking in completely out of the blue. L♥ve l♥ve l♥ve your fabric choices for a X-mas quilt. I really hope you find the crafting mojo soon so that you can get started. i want to see it finished! And about X-mas... I start 1st of advent. Swedish tradition. This year that will be 27th of November. And anyone lucky enough to live close by to visit IKEA can't help but going nuts filling up a trolley with all the x-mas goodies. I got a whole bag of it here at home. SO much cute stuff this year. ♥♥♥ Annette

  6. Oh i just adore those sweet fabrics, so yummy!!!
    Christmas decorating for us is the first sat of december. We play christmas music all day, bake christmas cookies, put up the tree & decorate the rest of the house with fairy lights, candles, holly & wreaths. May watch "Its a wonderful life", if i can't wait till christmas day, then i'll watch it again at christmas. In recent years i've gotten over my strange desire to have a perfect tree & now Ella gets to do most of it :D
    Have a great weekend
    Lots of love Karen Xx

  7. We are day after decorators too!

    I've never thought about Ikea for Christmas stuff. I love that store. I have one right up the street from me, and now I'm encouraged to go sniff around and see what I can find for this years decorating party!

  8. Lose my mojo? Yes, alot!
    I, too, love you red and white fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
    We decorate the day after U.S. Thanksgiving too.
    And I try not to listen to Christmas music before that. But if there's lots of snow-I can't wait! Kimberly

  9. Red lover here so I love your fabrics. That quilt is going to be pretty. Don't you hate it when you have ideas running through your mind all day...then when you have time to do something about them...your mojo completely disappears? We decorate the day after Thanksgiving, too. :)

  10. Hi Debbie! :)
    I totally loose my crafting mojo at times. I don't like it when I do, but it happens. :(
    I want to make a trip to Ikea soon. I also would go to the Michigan Ikea since that is where I live. :) I can't wait to see the little rooms decorated for Christmas! How fun!
    Can't wait to see what you make with that red and white fabric. I have always wanted to make a Christmas quilt for my couch with my secret Mary Engelbreit fabric I have been hoarding, I mean savoring, for several years. Maybe I should find that crafting mojo and make it finally! :)
    Hope you have a lovely day today!

  11. Hi Debbie. :o)
    Yes, I loose the ol' mojo too at times, that is typically when I catch up on house work...hahahaha! :o)
    You ladies are so lucky to be near an Ikea. I have swooned over the pictures on line, that other bloggers share and can't wait to see your Christmas decorating! :o) Pie and coffee in the morning? That sounds like the perfect way to begin the Christmas season!
    Missed you. So glad you are back!!
    hugs. Trish
    ps. Your red and whites are beautiful!! :o)

  12. Usually start decorating in the first week of December. The red and white fabrics are lovely.

  13. Love your fabrics, Debbie! You will make a lovely quilt with them. I'm sure your mojo will come back as soon as you begin sewing! I start decorating officially at the beginning of December...but a few festive things often creep into my house before then :) Have a happy weekend!
    Helen x

  14. The red and white fabrics are really nice.
    I went to Ikea last week, too. And after it I found a disk with christmas songs in my car (from the last year) and I could not resisted to play it. I was so in Christmas-mood because of the gorgeous decoration at IKEA......
    As I came home I pased myself not to start decoratiog for christmas. In Germany we also start to decorate by the end of November or with beginning of December. But not before "Sunday in commemoration of the dead" (a national holiday in parts of Germany)which is on 20.11.2011. Kindest regards Nicole

  15. Debbie, your red fabrics are quite cheerful. I think any quilt you make with those will be really beautiful. Glad your back from your little break...I missed you!

  16. Love your choice for this season and white my absolute fav quilts. Do you have a pattern in mind

  17. I love the red and white fabric! I don't decorate until the weekend before Christmas - we have a real tree, and it looks a bit sad by Christmas day if you put it up too early!

    Pomona x

  18. What a beautiful quilt that will turn out to be! We usually wait to the day after Thanksgiving also. But I must confess that I put up our tree today. I do have an excuse. The tree is prelit and last year some of the lights had gone out and I needed to check it for this year, so I could go ahead and purchase the ones I needed. Good excuse, right? But I am going to try to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate it. So excited!!


  19. The day after Thanksgiving is my decorating day, I hate the crowds and lines so black friday I stay home! Looove, the red and white fabrics:)

  20. These look really lovely - I love the colours :) (All two of them - but oh so graphic!)

  21. I just adore these fabrics!! I tend to start decorating earlier every year! Soon I'll be putting my tree up in august! hehe.... Ive just found your lovely blog. Im new to blogging, come pay me a visit soon xx


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