October 20, 2011


Thank you much for all of the Happy Birthdays last week! I basically celebrated all weekend and enjoyed every moment. I am really looking forward to what this year has to bring.

I had quite a bit of fabric leftover from my Halloween quilt, and as I am definitely in the Halloween spirit, I thought I would play with my scraps and see what I could make.
First I tried my hand at making a mug rug. I know I am waaaaay late to the party on these, but boy are they fun to make AND a great way to practice machine sewing bindings! 
Next I wanted to try something using half square triangles, so I made a pillow. I am not loving this to be honest, but it does add a bit of color to my couch.

And I made a table runner. This is so much cuter in person. My dining room is so dark and it is hard to get great photos, but I really wanted to show you this. Once again I machine sewed the binding on, and the more I am doing this, the easier and neater it gets. I think I mentioned that I bought a darning foot for my machine, and I have been playing with it, but I wasn't brave enough to try to freemotion quilt this runner.

I have a few projects going for my shop, and I am trying to decide if I want to add things like table runners and mug rugs. Quilts are such a big undertaking, and the supplies are expensive as well, so I am thinking some small items may help to fill up the shop. Any suggestions?


  1. Super cute sewing Debbie! :o)
    With Christmas and other holidays quickly approaching, your smaller items will be perfect. :o) Just as your quilts are. Your mug rugs will make sweet gifts and cute stocking stuffers. :o)
    . .
    >-- U --<

    Me cheering you on!! :o) With curly hair even!

  2. ps. oops. My eye balls shifted. Sorry about that.

  3. Hey There!

    I'll chime in. I think your runners and rugs are precious. Go for it! If they don't sell (which I think they will), they will make great gifts!

    I also really encourage you to try that FMQ on your runners. It is the *perfect* project for perfecting technique because it is so easy to maneuver the small size. Big quilts are heavy and that makes it so much harder to keep the stitches even. Just my opinion. The best advice I ever got was to not go too slow....speeding up a little is actually easier!

    Love your runner, and the straight line quilting looks very, very nice.

  4. Your halloween handmades are getting me in the holiday spirit! How about adding pot holders or those cute coffee jackets(instead of the cardboard ones they give you for take out). Good luck!!

  5. Those are the cutest projects made from leftovers. The table runner is great!

  6. I agree...what adorable leftovers. You've inspried me to get busy on my holiday sewing. The mug rugs are a great idea for your shop! Patty

  7. I really like the table runner too. It's all cute, but smaller items may be better seller.
    You never know until you try!

  8. Thank you Debbie! I could need all the support in the world on this Etsy thingy. Go ahead and try anything teeny tiny in your shop. I will. I have decided to not put to much thought into it. Just do it! I will put things in that I myself would by so mug rugs are perfect for people who wants to by gifts. Table runners to. Just give it a go. If it sells it sells. Well done on your triangle pillow. How neat you got the piecing done. Fabulous.

  9. I think your pillow is fabulous as are all your quilted items. Great work! Hope you have a fantastic Friday. Tammy

  10. I think your Halloween things are great, really cute fabrics and so very neat! I'm sure smaller items will be a great addition to your shop - it will widen your customer base to have some more affordable items mixed in with the slightly larger and more expensive things, so it's got to be a good thing! :) Have a great weekend xx

  11. Gorgeous new makes, Debbie! I love the mug rugs, and the Halloween pinwheel cushion is really lovely. They all look so neat too. I'm sure it's a great idea to have a range of items in your shop, including smaller ones that make perfect gifts. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  12. I just celebrated a birthday too! Aren't autumn birthdays just the greatest?

    These projects are super cute...I love all things halloween. =)

  13. Love the little mug-rug. I haven't made one yet (I'm a bit behind!) but you may have inspired me to get started on one for an Xmas present.

  14. I love them all! I only have a few pieces of Halloween fabric...I should pull them out and make something.

  15. Love that mugrug and table runner-- oh, I just love everything! Such cute fabrics...I bet your home is so darling!

  16. Hi Debbie! Found you through your comment on Susan Branch and just had to comment and make friends!

    I love your creativity and projects. And your blog is adorable, too.

    Hope you can pay me a visit soon!


  17. Hi Debbie! Hope you are well...you did a great job with your 'leftovers'.


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