August 12, 2011

Photography 101

Wow! I loved having so many visitors yesterday! Thank you so much for leaving so many sweet comments! And thanks to Brenda at Cozy Little House for featuring me on her Friday Welcome Wagon!

The majority of comments and questions were about my photos, and lots of you wanted to know about my camera. I have always loved photography, and bought my first  film SLR camera in high school and had fun learning how to use a completely manual camera.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE digital cameras! I now use a Nikon D40 which was a Christmas gift a few years ago. I also have an inexpensive Kodak point and shoot digital which I almost always have in my purse when I am out and about. The photos on my blog are a combination of both cameras.
I just recently learned how to use the Nikon on manual, and my pictures have improved dramatically!

I am not an expert by any means. I just love to take pictures!! You do NOT need to spend a ton of money to get great photos. Just grab your camera AND

1. Turn OFF the flash. Take photos wherever you have an abundance of natural light. Most of my closeup pictures are taken outside because my house is so dark. I do get some strange looks from my neighbors. What is that lady taking a picture of now :)

2. Get close to your subject.

3. Learn whatever you can about your camera. An inexpensive point and shoot can take terrific photos if you follow 1 and 2, and play with the dial on your camera. Don't be afraid to experiment!

4. Take lots of photos of the same subject. Sometimes I take 20 pictures of the same thing from different angles just to get one good shot. And sometimes I am just lucky. :)

5. I use picnik to post process my photos. It is free, and relatively easy to use. I don't do alot to my photos. I usually just crop them, and increase the exposure so my photos look "brighter".

6. Look at photos on your favorite blogs and see what it is that you like about the photos. The composition? The subject matter? The colors?

7. Have fun!! This is the most important part. Photography is such a creative outlet, and you can take hundreds of photos and use the DELETE button as much as you want!

Please leave me a comment if you have any questions, and I will be happy to try to answer them for you!


  1. Debbie, thank you for the pointers. I am new at this blogging thing and am not a very good computer person. So...what is this picnik that you use? I am sure most know what it is but you have to understand that I raised before computers. :) love your blog and now I am a new follower.

  2. Thanks so much Debbie. :o)
    Wish we lived closer so I could glean from you in person. :o) I have a nice camera and shamefully am not using it to it's potential. I need to just read the manual (again) and get it all committed to memory. You have the nicest photos!! I hope mine look as good as yours one day. :o)
    Have a super weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  3. Debbie
    That is very good advice. I would get frustrated with my camera and my DH would always say"Have you read the manual yet?'
    I don't know why we just hate to do that!
    Your photos are fabulous.

  4. Great advise-- I'm feeling better about my "point and shoot" camera again. :)

  5. Photography is FUN and makes you see the world rather than just look at it. Your blog is lovely .Be happy !

  6. Your photos are always lovely, Debbie - and your blog is always a pleasure to read. Hope you're having a happy week.
    Helen x

  7. My dad was a photographer hobbiest and left me all sorts of cameras of the type using kodacrome film...his photographs still today are beautiful to look on the other hand in the modern all its clear...I have a small Nikon, which takes nice pictures, but sometimes not as clear as the ones I see on your blog...what do you use?
    I enjoyed looking at your really takes a special person to love quilting...patience and perfection....these two are not me....but I enjoy sewing over at Mel's Designs from the Cabin.....Mel

  8. Great post and your photos are wonderful!!!
    Love your quilts they show how much you love color.


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