January 25, 2011

Be Warm Inside and Out

It has been freezing cold all week. It makes January a very long month. The couch potato tendencies are setting in big time.

In an effort to beat the cold, we have been wrapped up in quilts and snuggies in the evenings. Hot chai lattes have been the drink of choice and soup has been on the dinner menu very frequently. I have a stack of DVDs from the library and spent Sunday afternoon watching Lost in Austen. I loved it and highly recommend it to any Jane Austen fans. I also watched (again) Miss Potter. Lovely!

With warmth in mind (and being inspired by her), I started knitting these mittens. The pattern is called Chevron Love, and I purchased it last winter at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, which we are hoping to go to again this year along with a stop at Ikea. Crossing fingers that there is no snow that weekend!


  1. Your blog is looking very beautiful! I love the red and white knitting, and hope you enjoyed the DVD's and the snuggling - such a great way to spend wintry days! Helen x

  2. Those mittens are going to be so cute. I really like that pattern. Knitting seems like such a great, snuggle-in, winter hobby. I'd like to learn how to knit someday!

  3. I LOVE the mittens! Red and white is such a great combination. (I came across your blog on Mynestofyarnandbuttons!) Your banner is gorgeous, I could never figure that out! From another Northeastern Ohioan - stay warm! Kathy


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