October 6, 2010

October Delights

 Pumpkins. I absolutely adore pumpkins. To me they are THE symbol of October. Especially when accompanied by hay bales, mums and cute hand made scarecrows.

 Candy Corn.  Not really for how they taste, but for the cute color combination. Thank you to the candy maker who first combined these colors. Oh, and by the way, have you ever eaten "ghetto" Snickers? You eat a candy corn and a roasted peanut at the same time and it tastes like a Snicker candy bar. Dare you to try it.

 Sweaters, or should I say cardigans. They sit so patiently all summer waiting for the first cold front to come through. Can you tell I love Halloween colors :)

Chick Flicks. Cold and rainy weekends are no match for watching chick flicks while knitting. Hot cocoa and popcorn optional.

What things make you happy during the fall?


  1. Your orange post is beautiful - we are on the same wavelength! I love the candy corn picture - we don't have any round here or I'd buy some myself! I love the cosy knits and chick flicks too.
    Helen x

  2. Hi Debbie. Love all your orange but it still feels strange seeing pumpkins and jumpers (I mean sweaters!) when Spring has just sprung here!
    Have had candy corn via some American friends but have never tried it with peanuts!

  3. APPLES make me happy in the fall. Nice crispy chilled apples and walking in leaves and hearing the crunching and smells. Apples can also be make into yummy pies and crisps!!! I'm getting hungry. Have a great weekend. Love your blog! xo Robin

  4. Love the idea of Ghetto Snickers. For me, a bite of a marmite sandwich followed by a chocolate digestive transports me back to all those pre-teen birthday parties, when you'd just wolf down a weird combination of the stuff you'd piled on your plate. It's pretty disgusting, I know, but strangely comforting.

  5. i don't think i've ever tried candy corn...but the rest pretty much sum it up for me. oh how i wish i could sit around and watch those movies...it has been some time since i've been able to do that!


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