September 8, 2010

Baking 101

On my recent trip to Amish Country, I bought an angel cake food mix at one of the homemade cheese shops. Since it is wonderfully cool today, I decided I wanted to make the cake for dessert. So I pulled out the mix and started reading the directions. These directions warranted a call to my sister, who is the baker of the family.

Me: Hi, I have a stupid question for you.
My Sister: What?
Me: I am baking an angel food cake mix from Amish Country and the directions say to bake in an ungreased 10" tube pan that has been rinsed in cold water.
My Sister: Yeah, ungreased is right I think, but I have never heard of rinsing the pan in cold water. Did it say to dry the pan?
Me: No
My Sister: That's weird.
Me: It also says to cool the cake inverted overnight.
My Sister: (Laughing) Overnight?
Me: (Laughing) Like I could wait that long to eat it.
My Sister: Angel Food cake is always the best the day you bake it. It has that yummy crunchy top and chewy cakey part.
Me: I think the Amish cake mix makers are playing a joke on us.

I ended up baking the cake in an ungreased pan, and I did rinse it in cold water. I cooled it inverted, but only for a few hours. It came out almost perfect.

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  1. Looks perfect to me! Did it come out of the pan easy? Bet it was delicious :)


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