August 15, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

I am definitely not in the league of "ladies who lunch" on a consistent basis,
but I was in their ranks yesterday with my mom and sister.

A day like yesterday was a necessity.
I spent the day with two of the people I love most.
Sharing in "girl talk", lunch and shopping at Crocker Park.
Even though I am on a
super-frugal-only-working-part-time budget,
I splurged on few little luxuries.

We had lunch at Brio, which is where we have so many fun lunches together.
It is always such a treat to each such delicious food prepared by someone else,
and to be able to sit and chat about what's happening in each of our lives.

After lunch, we popped in and out of the shops.
A stop at Sephora is always dangerous for me,
and I left the store with my purchase of a teeny bottle of
Philosophy's Falling In Love perfume.
That scent is my own personal aromatherapeutic version of prozac.
If you've never smelled any of the Philosophy perfumes, give them a try.
They are for the woman who doesn't like perfume.

Another small luxury purchase was a
mocha frapuccino (how do you spell this word?) at Starbucks.
I have not had a Starbucks since the inception of the above referenced budget. Sigh.

My sister's and my budget decided that our purchase power would be better spent somewhere less expensive, so we headed to Old Navy. Now normally, with my short and hmmmm, extremely curvy figure, I don't have a lot of luck fitting into their clothes.
My meager clothing budget was gone in about 2 seconds after finding this adorable sweater.

It was one of those things that you try on, and it just screams
"I am so you, please buy me".
Love the flowers!!! A little retail therapy cures so many ills (but only if you pay in cash!).

The best part of the day didn't cost a dime.
It was heading back to Mom's house,
and talking til way past midnight.
Just us girls.

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  1. I bought that sweater, too! It found me while shopping for school clothes for my daughter. I stuck a red lady bug pin into the flower- way cute!


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