July 14, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturday

Today's Spelling Bee Saturday is brought to you by the "at sign". I'm sharing today with the awesome Kristyne of Pretty by Hand who is making the ampersand. I think both of these are my favorite punctuation marks, along with the exclamation point!!! :)

You can find this cute block in the book Spelling Bee Saturday by Lori Holt. Once again, Lori has written a wonderful book full of super cute projects. But for me, the most important thing is how Lori writes her patterns. They are so easy to follow and almost fool proof. Even a beginning quilter can make a fun block!!

I made the 12" block and am thinking it might become a cute pillow to put on my office desk chair. It is such a cute reminder of how much fun I have on instagram where I use the @ symbol several times a day! I used fabrics from Lori's Sew Cherry and Modern Minis. The graph paper print is one of my favorites!

 There are so many projects that can be made with these cute letters and blocks! The book is available here. If you want to see lots of cute projects with these letters take a look here!

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