August 26, 2016

Summer Sewing

Hope you don't mind a little mindless conversation. Most of my blog posts lately have been for blog tours and promotions which is fun, but this post is just me rambling. :)

Summer is almost over. I still have a ton of things on my "want to do before summer ends" list.

1. Go to Farmers' Market for corn and tomatoes.
2. Go to the beach.
3. Go on a bike ride.

I have gone to the pool as much as possible. Went to the Summer Market. Went to an Indians game. Went to Soak City. Discovered yummy ice cream cones in the frozen section at Aldi.

And spent a lot of time sewing. In the air conditioning. Because it has been hot and humid. Like summer should be. It's nice not being on a school schedule as I can stretch summer all through the month of September, which is the BEST month in northeast Ohio.

I've joined a swap and a block exchange. Because I needed to remember how FUN sewing is and the connections that can be made from it. The quilting community on Instagram has so many amazing quilters who are so generous of their time. Organizing a swap is no small task!

I am super excited about the Dwell Swap. I made 20 identical houses over the summer (well, mostly during the Summer Olympics) and these are the full size houses. So that I will have an actual quilt when I receive all the blocks and stitch them together. I am already looking forward to finsihing this fun project. The blocks are due on 8/31 and I finished AHEAD of time!! Me, the queen of procrastination finished a whole week early!!! All of the swappers are sewing with Bonnie and Camille fabrics, and as I was stitching my polka dot Ohio Stars and aqua quirky houses, I realized how much I love Bonnie and Camille fabrics. Ruby is the fabric that started my love of quilting and their fabric never fails to inspire me. I think Little Ruby was perfect for this project!

I also joined a block exchange. Again all the blocks are made with Bonnie and Camille, and this is so fun and just for me! These are spring star blocks for my first exchange and I am officially addicted to making 12" blocks. Some successfully and

others not so much. I need to remember to read ALL the directions. Cutting with a dull rotary blade is another NO NO!! I didn't realize how much a dull blade can throw off the accuracy of your pieces!! Wow!! Making these blocks makes me remember why I love patchwork. For me it's all about color!!
I love this great granny block and want to make an entire quilt from these blocks. This one has at least one square from Bonnie and Camille fabrics starting with Bliss and ending with Little Ruby. Can't wait for Handmade to arrive!! These blocks will end up in one of my quilts. Not perfect enough to send to someone, but still lovely enough to use.

I love summer, but have to admit that I look forward to pumpkin spice everything. This is probably the 4th or 5th time that I've made this pumpkin block from Vintage Farmgirl. I am always amazed at how much orange I have in my scrap bins!! I'm still hopelessly head over heels with stitch 22.

If you've gotten this far, thank for stopping by and hope you're still enjoying the last bits of summer!!


  1. Such beautiful work! You have absolutely made the most of your summer.

  2. I love all of your sewing. Bonnie and Camille are my favourite fabric designers, they just make happy fabric and everything from all of their ranges always goes so well together. x

  3. I used the same stitch on a quilt for my niece & I really liked how it came out. Love those pumpkin blocks!

  4. Your sewing is just beautiful! Your items are very pretty and so well done!


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