September 10, 2013

The Summer Quilt

The Vintage Modern quilt is DONE! I have been working on it for most of the summer and it's seems appropriate that is finished just a few weeks before the official start of fall. This is going to a customer who really has become a friend. She bought the baby quilt I made in this same fabric last year, and asked if I would make a larger version  and a pillow for her bedroom. I am packing them up and sending them on their way.

The calendar says that summer is almost over, but you wouldn't know it by being outside. I just got back from returning my pool tags and seeing the pool crew cover the pool for the winter. It is 90+ degrees and my AC is going full throttle!! I want to be burning my chai candles and making soup. Maybe next week.
Now that the quilt is done, I am working on some curtains for my house. The black gingham will be up during September, October and November, and I am going to make some in red for the rest of the year. You can never have too much gingham.  Or sunflowers. Or pumpkins.


  1. Your quilt and pillow look lovely! I think I will need to make one for my baby's crib quilt with a Scrumptious layer cake I just got :)

  2. PS:
    With the prarie you tack them down? I wasn't sure if they would get wrinkly after washing the quilt.

  3. Debbie how talented you are - I would give my eyeteeth to be able to sew as you can. The quilt is simply stunning, I love it, love it, love it. Well done you. A fabulous post as always Debbie
    Lots of love to you

  4. I wish I could say the the weather is that warm here in Wales! It's definitely starting to have a chill in the air. You quilt is wonderful you must be so pleased with it. The fabrics and colours go together so well x

  5. Your quilt and pillow are adorable!! I have been wanting to make a pinwheel quilt for a long time, your quilt is so inspiring for me to get started on one!!

  6. Such a gorgeous quilt and pillow. She will be pleased

  7. Such a gorgeous quilt and matching will be treasured and enjoyed I'm the black gingham, I do agree you can never have too much gingham (or white painted furniture! ) in your home :)
    Enjoy your week, it will soon be pumpkin time!
    Helen x

  8. I adore the quilt! The first quilts I made were pinwheel quilts for my girls, I never tire of the pattern. Love the black gingham too!

  9. Your quilt and pillow turned out beautifully. I bet she can not wait to get them. Oh how I agree with you, yesterday it was like 96 or 97 and I am so ready for cooler weather. It just takes a while to get to South West Texas.

  10. The recipient is so lucky. The colours are gorgeous and so you! It's quit and soup weather here!


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