November 27, 2012

Holiday Weekend

Hi!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is always such a treat to have a 4 day weekend. We had a super yummy turkey day. Two turkeys. One roasted with stuffing and one deep fried. Both were delicious. Pie and coffee and board games finished the evening.

Friday is the day we start decking our halls and eating turkey sandwiches and turkey soup. We finished 2 trees and put up the Dickens Village. There are always stacks of boxes everywhere, and Christmas music playing. I have to admit it is one of my favorite days of the year.

Saturday we made my parents' house cute and festive, and then went to dinner and window shopping.

Sunday found me in my sewing room catching up on orders, and making these metal frame coin purses. They are so much fun to make and I have stacks of fabric waititng to become cute little purses. (ssshhhh, they are Christmas presents!!)

I definitely need to bring my camera into the shop to have it tuned up. Sorry for the icky photos!

Need an idea of what to do with your fabric scraps???

How about a Christmas ornament? We bought inexpensive clear glass ornaments on sale at Michaels, and my daughter mod podged Ruby scraps onto them.  They look so cute on our tree and make me smile every time I see them.

The Santa Clause is ready to play in the DVD, so I am going to grab a quilt and watch one of my favorite Christmas movies.  Do you have a favorite??


  1. Ooooh, I LOVE the little frame purses! I have a frame in my sewing desk just waiting for time to try one. We got the tree but it's still out on the porch waiting to be brought in and loved for a season:)

  2. The ornament is so cute. I love it, and the purse also..
    One year, I took some left over old glass ornaments and photocopied
    pictures of the grandkids in black and white. I cut out the main portion
    of their faces, from infant on up to their current ages.. I did one for
    each grandchild..Then tied red ribbon around the top..They were really cute..
    My favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful Life". Just isn't Christmas
    until I see it.ha
    Happy sewing and crafting.

  3. The change purses and ornament are so beautiful! As for a favourite movie, I'm partial to the old ones like "White Christmas".

  4. I have been wanting to make some of those cute little purses, and finally sent away for a new fat quarter bundle just for them (right. like I need a reason to order fabric)
    Sounds like you are already off to a great start for the Holidays!

  5. Adorable as ALWAYS....and any chance you could be an "Angel" ( you always are in my book) and share a resource for the purse frames or maybe direct me to a tutorial. I have some Marmalade that would make the cutest gifts too!!!!

    1. I found the frames on Etsy. Just do a search for coin purse metal frames and you will find lots to choose from!! Happy sewing!

    2. I did just as you said...and YES you are an angel. I found tutorials and resources. Now If only mine are half as cute as yours!!!!

  6. Hi Debbie, Love your pretty little purses! Tree up, wow, I'm just getting things back in order after Thanksgiving, then on to my favorite holiday, Christmas. Can't wait to see your tree and ornaments.
    Enjoy, xoRobin❤

    Oh, my favorite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street......but I love them all!

  7. What sweet purses!!! Your things are always the best!

  8. Adorable purses and how sweet is the ornament you daughter made!! Too cute! xo Heather

  9. I love your little purses Debbie, they will make wonderful gifts. The baubles are sweet too, so effective xxx

  10. Super cute purses and fabric ornament! :0)
    The Santa Clause is a family favorite! We quote
    it all year long. :0) I love Its A Wonderful Life
    and Elf! :0) Plus the classics that played on tv
    when we were children. :0)

  11. Such gorgeous purses. I really like the one on the left that is patchworked. These will somme lucky girl very happy as presents.

  12. I really like the purses Debbie. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. My favorite Christmas movie is Polar Express. But truly I love them all. Watched the Grinch last night (the Dr. Seuss one).

  13. Dear Debby
    I am very happy you had a great Thanksgiving
    I also had a great thanksgiving we had cheesy potatoes
    A beef stew a curry with rice sweet potatoes and any dessert
    Please comment on my blog
    Ella xxx

  14. My favorite Christmas movie is The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. I'm going to make some of those scrappy ornaments. That's such a cute idea....why didn't I think of that? HA!

  15. Debbie ~ those coin purses are just beautiful!!!
    And I love the ornaments as well.
    Isn't Christmas time the BEST?!!
    My favorite Christmas movie of all time is the old black and white Bishop's Wife with Carey Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven

  16. Such a cute idea for an ornament!


  17. Oh the coin purses are adorable. Is there a pattern for it. I would love to make some for Christmas gifts. The ornaments are sweet.
    blessings to you.

  18. Cute purses! And darn cute ornaments. What a great idea!!! Christmas movies... My big time favorite is Elf and Mickey Mouse Christmas Carols. Yes, I am a bit childish... I also always watch Love Actually with Hugh Grant...

    This weekend I will surprise the kids with the first new addition of Christmas movies as an advent gift. I will start out with The Grinch, next advent it will be Miracle on 34th Street and then I am not sure. Any advice?

  19. Good morning. I am a new follower. Found you via a friend who pinned you on Pinterest. Been poking around your blog and it looks fun! If you have a chance stop over to Kwilty Pleasures, my blog and see what I'm up too. Thanks for the great projects!

  20. Love the coin purses and ornaments. Now I know how to decorate the tree in my sewing room, thank you!

  21. love this idea for the scrappy ornaments! I think I will make a few!

  22. Your little coin purses are sooo adorable, Debbie! And the patchwork bauble is the perfect xmas decoration for crafters!!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  23. I think y'all are the most creative girls around! Pinned the ornament to my Pinterest with a link back to you, as always.



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