October 5, 2012

Happy Weekend

Jane S. is the lucky winner! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I am heading to a craft show in the middle of the woods and cannot wait to be in the colorful foliage, smelling candles, eating kettle corn, and looking at all kinds of fun things!!


  1. Oh how I love this little pincushion. I found a fabric very similar to the blue/green acorns here in the UK in the spring and fell in love with it then. Its such a pretty colourway. Your projects are just delightful Debbie.

  2. Congrats Jane. I have been on the receiving end of her generosity and you are one lucky winner indeed. Enjoy
    blessings to you

  3. Congratulations Jane! Happy Weekend Debbie! x

  4. Congratulations Jane your very lucky
    Have a happy weekend Debbie x
    Ella xxx

  5. Congrats to Jane - and have a lovely weekend, Debbie - it sounds like a fun one.

  6. Congrats to Jane! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  7. Congratulations to Jane! Think I will just have to pop into your shop for one of those pincushions, I do love them :)
    Hope your craft show in the wooods was as lovely as it sounded.
    Have a great week, Debbie.
    Helen x

  8. Jane is a lucky girl! Hope your craft show in the woods was as fun as it sounds. xx


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