December 6, 2011

December 6 - Snowflakes

It is very unusual that we haven't had any snow yet. But that hasn't bothered us in the least. We spent a few evenings while watching Hallmark channel movies with scissors, paper and Pinterest instructions and started cutting.  Once we got started it was really hard to stop. Each one turned out so different from the next, just like the real thing. The snowflakes are now on almost every window in the house, and I love the lacy effect they give. I especially love them at night, when the outside lights are on. It makes the long dark nights more cheerful!

This is a totally fun activity to do with your kids, even if they aren't so small anymore :)


  1. You know, I just love these. My kids and I made them when they were younger and even though they are adults now, we all still enjoy holiday things like this. Haven't made snowflakes in a while though.
    Your snowflakes are just beautiful and now I think I shall get my scissors out and start cutting! Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories:)

  2. Hi Debbie, loving your cutouts! You are bringing back some great old fashion traditions. I need to do the same. Yours look so festive and I bet they do look great at night. Enjoy, xoRobin❤

  3. Glad I've run onto your blog. How do you take such lovely pictures!??? I love your December Daily! Thanks.

  4. Your snowflakes are just precious Debbie. So sweet. I am finding that even though my children are no longer small there are still fun things we can do together, much like when they were small. :0)
    That warms this momma's heart of mine. :0)
    Have a wonderful day. Hugs. Trish

  5. Love the snowflakes! We have a set that was cut out years ago and they get hung up every year. We hang them from the ceiling and watch them dance around in the breezes when people walk by.


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