December 3, 2011

December 3 - Ornaments

I look forward every year to opening the boxes filled with my Christmas decorations, especially my tree ornaments. Unwrapping each tissue wrapped ornaments is a link to the past.  So many of my ornaments have been given to me over the years by loved family members and friends.
This year starts a new tradition with handmade ornaments. Most of the ornaments on our dining room tree were crocheted or handmade I by Becky during the month of October.

I adore the felt ornaments with gingham ribbon. The crochet birds were inspired by Lucy at Attic24 and could not be more adorable.
And I know I posted this photo before, but I really do love this ornament!


  1. I recognized those birdies from Attic24 right them. You've done a fantastic job recreating them!

  2. How pretty your festive pictures are, Debbie! Your sparkly ornaments look beautiful, and I love those crochet birds inspired by Lucy at Attic 24, they do look gorgeous! Enjoy your week, and all your Christmassy days.
    Helen x

  3. What a nice idea to make a daily post! What a pitty that I have not enough time to do it like you! Maybe next year... Lovely pictures! Nicolexxx

  4. Hi Debbie, Love all your handmade ornaments. Your tree will be so extra special with mostly handmade treasures. Looks like you are really enjoying your Christmasy time. xoRobin❤

  5. Lovely decorations for your tree. Love ornaments that hold memories and especially handcrafted ones.

  6. I am now pinning your pictures to my Pinterest - ha - I have made little felt birdies, but not as cute as yours. I think I'll start sewing for Christmas now that it's February already!



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