October 9, 2011

Spooky Little Quilt

This truly is a spooky little quilt. You know how sometimes a project is doomed from the get-go? This is one of the them.  Don't be fooled the cuteness of the pictures :)
The piecing went fast and easy because I used 6" squares. After everything was sewn together I realized that the quilt really needed some green. But I thought the "plus" pattern looked pretty cool. Then came the quilting. I thought I would do some diagonal lines, but things started going horribly wrong half way through. My walking foot was an epic fail. So I switched back to the vintage foot that came with the machine, and did some straight stitching along each seam. A bit better. I decided to give machine stitched binding a try and in theory it is an awesome idea. Parts of the binding are absolutely perfect and other parts not so much.
 Hi Sophie.
In spite of all my mishaps in making this quilt, most of them disappeared after a fast trip through the washer and dryer. Once again, there is nothing like taking a warm, puckery quilt from the dryer and being able to say "I made a quilt".


  1. I agree the washer and dryer can hide a multitude of oopsies.

    I love your spooky quilt. I think it's just plain fun.

    I am going to attempt that plus pattern. I have many packets of charm packs that I want to use to make a king sized quilt. That's a lot of laying out and crawling around on the floor, which I'm rather dreading, but I absolutely love the look of that pattern!

    You did good. And Sophie looks very spooked. :-)

  2. I just left a comment but I'm not sure I was signed on to google and don't know if it dissapeared into thin air or not. Your quilt looks adorable and I agree, a little laundering makes them all the more snuggly. Patty

  3. Your quilt looks great from here! I love a little purple mixed in with Halloween colors. Really like the spider piece. I am going to attempt machine binding from the tutorial on crazy mom quilts, but I have my doubts. I'm trying it out on a table runner before launching into a big quilt. I like how you pieced your binding from the leftovers. Very cute!!!

  4. The quilt looks wonderful.
    I have to admit that when I think my quilting isn't up to par, I am so thankful for the dryer also and its ability to hide my mistakes.

    Your dog has just a gorgeous little face!

  5. Hi Debbie. :0)
    Your quilt is too cute!! You did a super job and little miss Sophie is as sweet as can be!
    Hugs. Trish

  6. You did a wonderful job!
    I didn't know about the dryer hiding booboos.
    I bet I wouldn't have found any mistakes on your quilt, but we are always our own worst critics, aren't we?

  7. this is so cute....and sweet little pup!!

  8. Debbie, your quilt is just booooo--deful! What a great job you did. I don't see any mistake. Happy cuddling, xoRobin❤

  9. Love this! I agree...it's amazing what a wash and dry will do!!

  10. A great quilt for Halloween, Debbie! Lovely to snuggle up in a spooky way! I like the spider web fabric especially. Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  11. I love your spooky quilt..., it is realy gorgeous!

  12. Oh..it's just lovely, Debbie and so is Sophie!

  13. Just found your blog. I have bookmarked you. Love it!

  14. Fab quilt, must give the wash & dry thing a go next time, i'm usually anxious to try it out that i skip that bit, won't next time though.
    ps....ordered some ruby from fabric shack, can't wait to get it, so inspired by the work you did with it :D
    Hugs Karen x

  15. I LOVE it!!! It is the perfect spooky quilt---and I want one too! :D


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