July 21, 2011

Oh My Stars!

Oh My Stars!  The heat index is something like 105 degrees. It is way too hot to work with lots of fabric. I turned the A/C in the craft room on full power, and armed with my rotary cutter and lots of cute scraps I started making these.

Oh My Wonky Stars! I almost forgot about the heat while making these. They are so much fun! I am surprised that I like these stars so much because I normally like everything straight and balanced and even, and not even a teeny bit wonky. I have a project in mind to use these for and will post pictures as I go.

Oh My Stars! It is my son's 25th birthday today. Happy Birthday Gavin. I cannot believe that I have a 25 year old!! When did this happen. Where did all the years go? To beat the heat, I have made a very large batch of frozen pina coladas. We are going out to dinner because it just too hot to cook. There are cupcakes in the fridge, and when Gavin opens his gifts, we are going to make ice cream. Gavin asked for one after watching too many episodes of Iron Chef. I can only imagine what flavors of ice cream he will dream up.


  1. Happy Stars! And Happy birthday to your son.
    Ice cream will be just the ticket with all that hot weather!

  2. the years do fly...but, you are making the most of it with your delicious stars!! Love them...

  3. I love your stars ... could they perhaps be for the project we discussed?? :o)
    Happy Birthday to your son. :o) Doesn't time fly by way too fast??

  4. These are adorable, love the colors! I am working on a star quilt right now,, not a wonky one, but I would love to try wonky. Hpw do you get them square and all the same size if they are done wonky? Hope that's not a dumb question!

  5. I love you stars and their gorgeous fresh colours! Wonky things are much more interesting and hand made looking! Happy birthday to your son - I know, how can we have such grown up children so suddenly...the time just flies! Enjoy your celebrations this weekend.
    Helen x

  6. The wonky stars are cute and fun! Love the colours, so zingy!
    Happy Birthday to your son! Where do the years go??!!
    Hope you all have fun celebrating his birthday.
    Gill x

  7. Happy Birthday to Gavin! The heat this year is unbearable isn't it!My husbands out of town so I had cereal for dinner
    My oldest son turns 25 in December! I know - how did that happen!?
    Have a PRETTY day!

  8. Well Debbie, thank you so much for your sweet comment on creJJtion! Your starts are going to be amazing, I have been going through your posts and your quilting is wonderful! I hope to be good at it one day too.

    Enjoy your summer afternoon and belated congrats to your son!

    Love, Maaike


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