March 6, 2011

Birthday Cake

 photo courtesy of the birthday girl

The story of the cake.

Conversation between the birthday girl and her mother.
Me: What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?
BG:  (hopefully)  A delicious store bought cake.
Me:  (somewhat dejectedly) No. I mean what kind of cake do you want me to bake for you?
BG:  Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

The day of the baking of the cake.
Me: What kind of chocolate frosting would you like? Buttercream? Fudge?
BG: The kind from the can.

Argh!! I guess this is what years of being a working mom leads to. Store bought cake? Canned frosting?
Happy 20th Birthday Becky! I love you.


  1. Debbie, it's a beautiful cake. You did a great job and it looks like it will taste delicious! Love the candles and candies. Hope Becky had a lovely day and year to come. xoRobin❤

  2. That is the brightest, cheeriest cake I have ever laid eyes on!
    It looks delicious.

  3. Happy Birthday to Birthday Girl Becky! Her cake turned out so great~ great job, Debbie!

    I use to feel guilty for using mixes and canned frosting, then I read a blog where a very cool blogger plainly stated that she uses cake mixes and canned frosting for her family's favorite cake. Loved that. I'm over the guilt now~ so over it!


  4. Happy Birthday, Becky! Your cake looks sooo delicious Debbie - I love the colours of the candles and matching sweets, so pretty!
    Have a great week.
    Helen x

  5. When my daughter was very young, she always wanted a Dairy Queen cake, and got it every year. When she was around 14, I thought - her tastes are more sophisticated now, I'll MAKE a beautiful, frozen cappucino fudge ice cream cake. You should have seen the look on her face when I brought it out. Pure and utter disappointment that it wasn't a Dairy Queen cake. I learned my lesson and never did that again. Your cake looks fabulous - enjoy!

  6. That is hilarious! The cake does look good though. My son is the same. He doesn't want homemade thin crust pizza. He wants "the pizza with the man on it" (Paul Newman).
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    xo, Angela

  7. it was like i just peeped into your cottage and having fun listening... hmm your blog is lovely(read lively ;) ) and damn colorful... do i need more reasons to follow?? :)
    and yes i love the cake... looks yummy to me :D


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