February 21, 2011


Last night it decided to snow. And then it decided to rain, and then rain some more, and then freeze.
 So I decided to bake chocolate chip cookies and make caramel corn.
But this morning, I had to scrape an inch of ice off the car. My supervisor from work called while I was scraping, and said there was no power at work. So of course the first thing I do is grab my camera and take pictures.

I am still not sure if I have to work, so while the car finished thawing, I fixed myself a latte and talked to my Mom and Dad who are vacationing in sunny Florida. I hope they bring some sunshine home with them.

Edited to add: No power at work means an unexpected holiday!! Off to the craft room...


  1. I loved seeing your icy, wintry pictures! And how fab to get an unexpected day in the craft room! Keep cosy. Helen x

  2. I see your yard looks just like mine! Did you see it this afternoon? I was walking home from the bus, standing in the street, gawking at the trees. It looked like someone had sprinkled them with diamonds. I tried to capture it on my camera, with no luck. Kathy

  3. Debbie, no matter how hard winter is on us there is still something quite beautiful to see, Mother Nature wrapping her shiny, icy coating around a branch, and the sun making it sparkle, yes, like diamonds...and then the power goes off and, oh dang....when is Spring gonna get here, lol

  4. Can we please just get a little spring!!!! Icy wnter storms are the worst:( Hope you got to stay home and way to pull out your camera!!!


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