September 29, 2010

Fall Treats

Fall is officially here.

The weekend was spent indoors with one sick girlie and rain and gray skies. I did get to make some soup, and made quite a bit of progress on my shawl.

Yesterday after work I was inspired by her to make Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. I even had all the ingredients on hand. No last minute dashes to the grocery store. The mac n cheese was tasty and filling. Then my sweet tooth kicked in and I made these

I don't think anything says fall more than caramel apples! And if that weren't enough I needed to dip pretzels in chocolate, drizzle them in colored chocolate and cover them in sprinkles.

Perfect way to cheer up a cold and dreary day.


  1. Fall/autumn really is the time for tasty warming meals like macaroni cheese isn't it? And as for this picture of what you made next...mmmmm yum!!
    Helen x

  2. Oh, I love autumn yummies... and those look wonderful! I love homemade carmel corn in the fall also~

  3. Hi Debbie from Ohio! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. What a charming one you have! Such beautiful photographs. I saw lots of verigated yarn, you must check out The Garden Bell if you don't know of her already. She is the Queen of Crochet and dies her own yarn. She has lovely photographs as well. It looks like you are off to a fabulous fall start. Best wishes, Elizabeth

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments!
    You have a gorgeous blog - I love the shawl that ended in 550 stitches to cast off - that is the bit that would put me off! (I have a similar aversion to recipes with ingredient lists over 2" long!)

    Your 'fall' goodies look delicious!


  5. It's 11:46 at night. Do you know what you just did to me? My stomach is now growling so loudly that I think I woke my hubby up.


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