August 28, 2010


Say hello to Sophie.

She is the youngest resident of the Happy Little Cottage.

She is a maltese/yorkie mix, aka a morkie, which reminds me of Mork and Mindy,
which I haven't thought of in ages.

She does not realize that she weighs 5 pounds
and thinks that she is defender of the universe.

She makes squeaking sounds if her squeaky toy doesn't squeak.

Her ears are her most expressive feature.

Thankfully she does not shed.

We work very hard to make sure she is not a "yappy" dog.
She tries just as hard.

Becky knits her sweaters and makes her bandanas.

She is totally spoiled, but you would be too if you were this adorable. Mwaah!


I am so happy you are here, and I love reading your comments!! I will answer any questions you may have right here, and I love to visit your blogs as often as I can!!