July 26, 2012

The Insomnia Project

Do you have nights when you just can't get to sleep? Last night was one of those nights, so I headed straight for my sewing room to work on a project.  Finish the border of a quilt? Nah.  Etsy orders? Mmmm. No. Wait, what's that? A little pile of Marmalade scraps. Right about then my phone buzzed, and it clicked. My new phone needs a cute cover!

I googled to see what I could find, and found this super cute tutorial. I pulled my scraps together and got to it. I followed the tutorial exactly, and the only thing I changed was not adding a handle. Next time, I would make the button closure about an 1" shorter. My phone fits perfectly and I had fun making it!

Please remind me to stop drinking iced coffee before bedtime and tell me that you sew/quilt/knit/crochet when you can't sleep :)


  1. That's a very cute phone case. I usually knit when I can't sleep because it's quiet. Sometimes I read because I have a Kindle with a lighted cover.

  2. ha ha ha. i am giggling. i so relate.
    my cut off for coffee is in the afternoon.
    yes, i do the very same thing. :o)
    your phone pouch is just the cutest!!

  3. Hi Debbie,love your new phone cover,great nights work ;) xxx

  4. Nope...I don't sew, but I read blogs endlessly til I finally get sleepy!!! Your insomnia is more productive than mine (G)!!! XXX

  5. Crazy cute! I wish I was that productive when I cant sleep!

  6. Too cute! Wish I was that creative when I have insomnia! xx

  7. Hello Debbie,

    I do I do....I crochet or sometimes I embroidery or worse still I prepare lesson plans.....that makes me sleepy for sure!!!

    Great phone cover and I should be able hand stitch it (not got a SM yet...tch!)...and I really do need a new cover too...popping over to have a look at the tutorial. Thanks!

    Keep well
    Amanda :-)
    PS: I have a giveaway on the go and its open to everyone....pop over if you have time :-)

  8. I love this Debbie, going to check out the link. That marmalade is killing me!

  9. Adorable little cover, Debbie! How pretty it is with the quilting and the cute button, a perfect cure for insomnia too!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Helen x

  10. Still amazing work from a tired lady, I have wonky lines at the best of times.

  11. Very nice I will have to remember about one of these when next I have a sleepless night.Love Jill xx

  12. Very very cute, and yes, I too forget that iced coffee is actually coffee sometimes, haha! Me, I crochet, drink tea and eat toast in the middle of the night :)

  13. I love so much!

  14. It turned out gorgeous, thanks for using my tute :-)


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